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About Me

As a therapist:

I work with individuals, groups, and couples and families. 

With 40 years experience as a counseling professional, I use  thought based approaches to therapy. hese models of treatment would fall under the catergory of cognitive behvioral therapy,  These treatment models are well established proven ways to help you with depression and/or anxiety problems.They also work well in assisting people to solve marital and family issues.

As a person:

I am familiar with the suffering of depression and anxiety.  I went through counseling myself long befoe I went to graduate school to become a therapist.  I am so glad I did as it transformed the way I live my life in positive ways.

As an indivdual  accustomed to dealing with the stressors of life, I have been blessed to beat cancer 3 times in the past five years.  The latest round was throat cancer of the larynx.  My voicebox was removed and that foreced me to learn to effectively communicate with a prosthesis.  I am well able to speak and communicate with my new "voice". It is an electric voice device.  It is surprising what technology can do.  So, when you call and get me on the line,  you will hear a different kind of voice,  In dealing with these changes, I know first hand how effective the techniques of therapy work.

Education:  Master of Social Work with a clinical specialty.

License:  I am licensed to practice in the state of Arkansas as an LCSW (licensed certified social worker). 

Additional Training:  over 3000 hours of continuing education in the field of human relationships and communication skill development.

I just successfully completed a program to be formally recognized as a practitioner of integrated neurolinguistic programming.  The methods used in this system of treatment are really good for short term, goal oriented treatment. Reports from my clients have been very positive about the use of them.

Professional Activities:  I teach two classes at my church integrating psychological information and Christian application of those principles. 

Personal Note: I am happily married now approaching my 40th anniversary to the love of my life.  We have raised 3 children together and they are productive people living independent lives. We are blessed with seven grandchildren.

We enjoy an active social life, camping, and spending time with our family.  

Spirituality:  I am a Christian  attendng services locally on a weekly basis.  The values and beliefs I have developed in that walk inform my practice.

If you are willing to work with me, I know the skills and the experiences I have can help you resolve your problems or help you to cope with them more effectively.

Please give me a call and let's see if we can work together!

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